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Yay, fellow knitters! Though sadly, I don't knit all that often. I made my first scarf about two years ago and just finished another one about a month ago.

I bought this cool white, blue, and metallic thread yarn about two years ago and began making said scarf. Then I put the project away for two years (sad I know) and just picked it back up and finished it. Except, I only had one skein of yarn and it wasn't enough and because it had been two years, buying another skein wasn't going to happen. So now I have a little round scarf/collar with the ends sewn together.

I've been meaning to knit more, I just don't know what I want to make. Are hats difficult? I've never knit in the round before. Also, I apparently knit incorrectly (?) I guess I only ever learned a purl stitch and I do it backwards. Either way both scarves have come out just fine.

Any ideas for projects for a novice knitter? I am not quite ready for a sweater, but am over scarves.

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