Does anyone have any ideas or advice about perfecting the necessary gauge size in crocheting? It is messing me up big time, maybe I am just not understanding it well enough?
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I assume it's similar to what you would do with knitting. I knit on the looser size, so I use a smaller needle. Conversely, if you knit tightly, you would go with a larger size. If you're making clothing that is fitted, you need to do a swatch--switching the needle until you get the gauge that you need. If it's a scarf, afghan, etc., you want to be close--but it's not as important. Being consistent is what matters.
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Oooh, why didn't I think of that?! I tend to go a little tight so maybe I will head to the craft store later and get a larger hook.
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I just did a quick search for a crochet hook set--if you're going to try to crochet a bit, it may be a nice thing to have. They are inexpensive and will allow you to "play." Boye 6279 Aluminum Crochet Hook Set
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