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Originally Posted by kasden View Post
Holy cow - I go to work and come home to find out racism is gone? Yay! If it weren't for I wouldn't know what was going on in the world - lol! Thanks, curlies for keeping me in the know!

So...speaking of not having cable...anyone tried the Roku 2 streaming player? After the initial $50 for the box, you supposedly get around 300 channels free and can stream hulu plus, netflix, etc. directly to your tv. Any experience with it?
Yes....I LOVE my Roku!!! I just got one for my bedroom to stream netflixs (cause I'm too lazy to watch em laying on the sofa) $50 I've spent in a while. Thought FIY...not all of the "channels" are free. For instance you need a hulu account to watch hulu programing...same for Netflixs, HBOtogo, and a few others.
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