Sure there is hair science. IAGirl is an actual scientist and that chick has unraveled MANY a hair and ingredient mystery for me. She has a wonderful blog as well.
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If you're talking trichology (as someone just mentioned), yes, but it's limited in scope. Trichology is most often used in medical/health contexts (especially in forensics). Trichology addresses hair and scalp health as a general rule, but as for cosmetological concerns, which involve a lot of aesthetic concerns, there isn't a formally labeled and universally applicable "hair science" a person can turn to for objective answers.
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Kind of funny acutally...A good example of coming across different understandings of something, and going with what seems right to you. Tiffany Anderson is one of the many sources out there that I consider credible. She defines trichology as "the scientific study of hair, its diseases, and its care." Anyway, that's the understanding I have in mind when looking into ingredients and methods having to do with hair as you mention in your op, madametj. Again, I guess there's no getting around going with what seems right to you and then letting the rest go.
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