OK - this is where you fess up to the embarrassing things you did. Nothing hurtful, just stuff you laugh about when it's over.

Yes - I too once went out without realizing I had a roller still stuck in my hair.

Went to work without a skirt - wrote about that in another thread LOL.

Had toilet tissue trailing out of the back of my pants and didn't realize for a while (gah!!!). How did that happen - Eeeek!.

Fess up - your faux pas, your foibles. Let's laugh at ourselves.
2/c and some 3A.
Protein sensitive but can use occasionally
Highly porous. Color over grey.
Best 1st day method: Super Soaker
Stylers: Mix Curls in a Bottle into everything for shine. Terrible pj
Sometimes try roller sets - classic glamor but I prefer my curls.
Every day is a gift