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As I said before, it wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for me breaking up with him. We were planning on getting married and stuff so we weren't against having a that we aren't together I was concerned because I never wanted to have a "baby daddy" lol, and I don't think I could handle an abortion or adoption.

Not to beat a dead horse, but...

How can you go from baby-making-wanna-get-married to broken-up-don't-want-a-baby-daddy all in 2 weeks?
Right. And why do I have a feeling that the "dad" might not have been clued in on these "it's cool if I get knocked up" plan.

Purely speculating, obvly. But yeah, there are some holes in this plot.
What do you mean he wasn't clued in?? He knew I wasnt on bc, an he clearly knew that we stopped using condoms. We had the "what if we get pregnant" talk and agreed that if we did we'd keep it and start a family.

You know what they say about assuming...

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