Yaaa, honestly, this 'i wanted to get pregnant when I was with him, but now that we broke up I don't' is extremely immature sounding.

Getting pregnant and having a baby is not just what you want to do NOW - its what you will have for the rest of your life. No matter what happens or changes, or what feelings or changes you'll go through in life (because you WILL have changes. Lots of them. Everyone does), you will have this child with you to have to be responsible for.

The point is, if you thought you'd be okay with having a child with a person, and then broke up with them 2 weeks later - you're not using good judgement.

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I wasn't TRYING to have a baby, I just wasn't preventing it and wasn't closed off to the idea. No one knows why we broke up so you really can't speak on that. I still am in love with him, we just can't be together.

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I believe this is called "denial". If you're open to having a baby, and not using protection, and having sex.....well, being in denial about how babies are made doesn't really change the fact that you were doing exactly what people do when they try to have a baby. It might do you well to accept your reality. Denial is not a method of birth control. If you don't actively WANT to be a young, single mother, then you should start using birth control. It's really that simple.
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