Whenever I see recipes that instruct for onions to be "caramelized" in ten minutes or so. Recipe writers, learn the difference between browned onions and caramelized onions, please. They are not the same thing. Browned onions are crunchier and not nearly as complex in flavor. They can be done very quickly. Caramelized onions take from 30 minutes to hours depending on quantity. The onions are completely tender and very sweet. Even using tricks to cut down the time, they cannot be made in the same amount of time as browned onions. They are what you use to make French onion soup, or an onion tart. This kind of confusion is what would lead someone to make crappy French onion soup.

Quickbreads (muffins, banana bread) are made with the blending method. Once you cream, you're in cake land. Different results. Please stop labeling banana cakes as banana bread and trying to pass off cupcakes as muffins.