oh, you mean make a list of things i want for me to give to others so they'll know exactly what to get me?


i don't like telling people what to get me. i don't like people asking me what i want or what they can get me. telling people what i want renders the same flavor as gift registries (a pet peeve). and people asking me what i want makes me think they have exhausted themselves thinking of something to get me. so i'd honestly prefer they just send a greetings card and call it a day. hey, i wouldn't be upset with a gas gift card or grocery store gift card, as high as prices are today.

i've always liked to be surprised. and even if someone is off the mark, i'd rather discover it on Christmas morning. it adds to the wonder and surprise of the festive part of the holiday.
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This is how I feel EXACTLY.

I was like, ya, I know its lame, but I suppose you could get me gift cards. He told me that was stupid and that he'll take me shopping, lol.

He would buy me anything, so if I asked for jewelry, I'd get it. Problem is, I don't like most jewelry.

Plus, I think Christmas gifts are like, you see something that reminds you of someone and you get it for them. It seems boring to just check things off a list.

But I guess Im one of the few!

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