I've been CG for about 2 months. I wasn't sure if it was just because I have crappy water, or if I needed protein or moisture -- I had very limp curls, so I did a moisture treatment -- no good. They became overly soft on top of the limp, and "melted" by mid-afternoon.

So, this morning I made up the gelatin treatment (adding in honey, and using a nice champagne pomegranate vinegar - it smelled awesome) . I didn't have a ton of time, and as I still wasn't sure it was exactly what I needed, I left it on for 5 minutes in the shower, then rinsed, conditioned and styled.

I noticed a difference when I was rinsing -- my hair immediately felt thicker. After conditioning and rinsing that out, I also noticed I had a hell of a lot less hair in the shower -- I had been losing it by the handful (it seemed) - I put it down to menopause, crappy weather, sun spots, possible thyroid issues, whatever. Anyway, there were only a few strands hanging out rather than the ping-pong ball's worth of hair -- bonus deal!

While styling, I noticed more body, curl and clumping... only a bit, but definitely noticeable. I let it air dry.

Fast forward almost 9 hours later: I still have body, movement and CURLS -- no melting! Whooo-hoo! I'm just imagining what might have been had I the time to leave it on longer... and will find out this weekend, perhaps.

So, here's my question -- as it seems as though protein was what my hair was looking for -- how often does one apply a protein treatment, on average??

Does one apply a PT once per week? ever two weeks? onces per month?

Thanks in advance!! I've learned SO much from these boards!!

* 3a/3b from birth with short forays into chemical/juice can straightening
* texture: fine; porosity: normal
* over 40 (by a bunch); naturally greying
* Cleanse/Condition: DC NoPoo/OneC
* PT: IAGirl's PT/Sally GVP Reconstructor
* Styling: CHS CK: DC SIF; DC A/AA mixed