Does anyone else think that Violet is dead? And that Tate is the Rubber Man?
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I think it's an interesting idea, Violet being dead--and would really be the ONLY plausible motivation, in my opinion, for Vivien and Ben to stay in that house. I like the idea of them wanting to leave but knowing that the house is the only thing that would allow them to be with their daughter.

As far as the rubber man goes, I think Ryan Murphy hinted that the Rubber Man was not just one entity. He also hinted that the Infantata has taken that form.
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I'm only hinting that Violet might be dead since they haven't shown her leaving the house or eating since she "OD" on the pills. I read in an article that...:

"The ghosts can be controlled. It isn’t because they are all so afraid of Tate that he can simply tell them to go away and they do. It is a power that any of the dead possess. This may lead to a startling revelation about a character you didn’t realize was dead."

Violet told one of the ghosts dressed as a nurse (can't remember her name...) to go away and she left. Interesting...
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