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because she ignored her children for her causes. She'd keep my sister out (at 6 years old) until midnight because she was at meetings. We'd have random homeless people sleeping on our living room floor because they were kicked out of shelters for rules infractions. We'd have strangers joining us at Thanksgiving because they had no place to go and if she actually thought to ask our permission and we said no, we'd be the bad guys.

Raising your child to be aware of politics and talk about politics is one thing and be politically active is one thing. Actually neglecting your child (and I say "child" because I didn't move in with her until I was 17, I really mean my sister) because your causes are more important than your child is a totally different story.
that is extreme. and there is nothing wonderful or great about having to grow up like that.

to the bold, it is about having balance. having convictions or a passion about something is different than having something take over your life and negatively affect others' lives who don't share the same intensity of your convictions or passion.
Agreed, and as a parent, you should share your passion for activism and involvement in community to set an example and to teach your children to find the things that they are passionate about and to think independently about the causes they find compelling - not just to force your causes down their throats.
Absolutely. I wasn't seeing where this was the case, but yeah, of course - the whole point of community involvement is that your kids are also your community, not also-rans. Most people I admire who are activists came from activist families.
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