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Originally Posted by geeky View Post
Also what is this furniture collateral? Is it valuable antiques? Original Chippendale chair perhaps?

More likely it is a bunch of old crap he is storing at your house for free. Am I right?
Are antiques and yes, we have discussed he has been storing it at my place for free and I am using it.

Originally Posted by Lotsawaves View Post
Wile, I hope you were able to get some sleep last night. You know we've talked about the GP's in our families. My brother was notorious for using my parents. It was my mom who allowed this, not my dad, but my mom ruled the house. They were out so much money with him and also supplied a lot for his children. Today he is still the GP even tho' he now supports his family and doesn't need money from the parents.

I remember a conversation with my mom about him and she didn't remember him doing the things he did. I don't think she wanted to know what a loser he was. He was her baby boy and could do no wrong. He was the one that got all the attention and my sister and I were ignored. I'll always resent the fact that my parents had a college fund for him and not my sister and I. We were suppose to just get married and have some man support us. When my brother decided he liked drugs more then school I asked if I could use the money for college. I wanted to go to law school. I was told no.

What I'm getting at is that your parents/mom are allowing him to use them. I do know that YOUR concern is for your parents, especially your mom and for the children. Your parents have made their bed and it is really their responsibility to put a stop to this. Of course they won't, but it really shouldn't be your concern. I feel you really need to just let go and concentrate on your husband and child. You really can't do anything with this situation. It should be left to your parents. They raised him, not you. You are trying to protect so many people who probably won't really see it that way. You need to move on with your own life. Why let him affect it.
Spoke to them yesterday/last nite and we all agreed we are done. He's moving out the w/e of 12/16 and gets no more help...we will all move on w/ our lives...tho it's gonna kill them, literally, if he f's up again...ah well, what can ya do? They get it and have accepted it.. I wish y'all could meet my folks...brings me to tears how I feel about them...
Yep, I do remember our convo about the money for college and your situation...

Originally Posted by mrspoppers View Post
If he has a good job and enough money to fulfill his child support obligation, what are you considering giving him money for? Christmas presents for the kids?
I am doing it for the nephews to come here, dare I say, not for X-mas. What they get from us is a certificate for their college fund, if they go and I control that, as my dad and I agreed on w/ other things, as well...

Hope that clears up some ?s...

Also, I am taking possession of the bed he had stored at my folks b/c it won't fit in the new place he's moving to. He gets his bunk beds back for when his kids come to stay and I will put the new bed in the little one's room. It looks a lot like this one...

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