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Originally Posted by WileESteelNervs View Post
Not all antiques are created equal tho and as hubby has said, even GP, it depends on what someone is willing to pay for it...
I have lots in my house and have paid varying amounts, depending on what it was...
Found this, which is quite interesting...
Bed, Bed Sets - Harp Gallery Antique Furniture
rcw...can you give me an idea of what fil had? :curious:
Love antiques!

The whole antiques market is down, even original Chippendales.

My FIL collected pottery, like Yellow Ware and Fiesta, 17th-19th century jugs, hand-forged kitchenware, handwoven baskets, wood furniture (armoires, buffets, hutches, china cupboards, doughboys, drysinks, etc), original art....and a whole lotta garbage, cat crap, mice, rats, and bugs.

Oh, and books. A hundred f*cking thousand books.
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