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Default Thanks so much CurlyHairedFarmer

Originally Posted by CurlyHairedFarmer View Post
You and your hair are gorgeous!

I can use AG a couple times a week without suffering any drying issues. I wish I could get second day hair out of it, but it makes my hair look producty the next day.

You gals sure know how to make a girl feel good Thanks for the kind words. Have you found anything else out there that works for you as well as the AG:Recoil? It would be nice to have a similar product to rotate with. I have a feeling it's the Mag Sulfate that is giving me those great curls and that great hold -- and that is the drying part!

I do put Mag Oil (I got it from KathyMac :-) in my FSG, but it's not near enough hold. Perhaps I will try adding more to my recipe on the days I don't use ReCoil.

Thanks again!
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