Ok, so I fell off the wagon for 2 weeks and the thanksgiving leftovers definitely did a number on my waistline. That's my routine: go hard, slack off, quit, go hard, slack off, quit. (I have exercise commitment issues!) I'm hoping that this thread will remind me that I have long-term goals in mind.

Keep up the good work ladies! Congrats on your BC NaturalBeauty. And I compliment and commend you on your weight loss Eilowny.

Jumping on the food-diary bandwagon as well. Let's see if I can shave off a few pounds before January 1.
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That's typically my routine as well! Lol. I am however attempting to remain on track and documenting my measurements once a week as well as my weight twice a week and my exercise daily (yay or nay at home) has definitely been helping. Just having to actually write "no" I didn't exercise today makes me feel bad so that's motivation.

I want to lose more weight/tone up before the new year as well but I will keep posting in the thread going into 2012 to keep myself motivated through the new year. Thanks for the congrats! My BC came completely out of the blue bc I was originally planning on transitioning for at least another yr but I'm thrilled that I went ahead and did it. Now I can focus on maintaining healthy hair and my growth goals!
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(Transitioned for 16 & 1/2 months)

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