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Originally Posted by NaturalBeauty11 View Post
Ita w/u steph! It would be great to drop the weight by 2012 but I would also be ok w/just knowing that I'm well into a consistent exercise reggie as well by then and have all of next year to concern myself about dropping the lbs which will happen naturally if my routine stays on track!
That's exactly how I feel! I mean, I can definitely see some results but I'm not actively pining for skinniness, I want to get healthier We'll both definitely lose weight naturally just by being healthy, so yay!

Originally Posted by Corrina777 View Post
Hi everyone! I'd really like to get involved in this. I have a pretty significant amount of weight to lose. I've dropped about 20 so far (WW), but I find it's always nice to get extra motivation wherever it can be found. My primary exercise in martial arts training (Tang Soo Do), and lately I've been training 4-5 days/wk. Scheduling is a huge issue for me because I also sing in two choirs.

One thing that is sure to help with my motivation is that I was asked to compete in my first major tournament next month. As part of the preparation, I'm required to do at least 4 classes each week.
Martial arts -- that's awesome, I want to do something like that! I just use the elliptical for 30-40 minutes each day :P Good luck, I'm sure it'll be an awesome source of fitness, and you'll do well in the tournament!
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