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Thanks LuvMyLocs...I have been practicing and I have some beautiful bright shades. My thought was I'm either not applying heavy enough or I need a lighter primer shade...I had it done at the MAC Store and thought I followed what she did but it didn't look the same...only color I can get to pop is silver or black. Lol!! Thanks, I'm going to continue to practice. By the way, love the eye in you profile pic!

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I can't understand why I can't get my eyeshadow to "pop" like many of the artistic photos I see. I use MAC and I can put nice color sets together but I can never get them to pop.

On the flip side, I'm not a make up artist but I can recognize the difference between art and clown...when you can't quite pull the look together, start over with natural basics (wash off what you did) and put a simple look together until you figure it out. I wanted to say that to someone I saw this week...
pop is about contrast. contrast with your skin and the other colors on your eyes. sometimes you have to use a color that looks to bright or bold in the pan but it will pop once applied. the other key to great shadow that's more art and less clown...BLEND!!!! there should be no major demarcations where one color stops and another starts. i have a brush that i use just for blending, nothing else...
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