Spoiler Warning Just in case you haven't seen the last episode.
Spoiler Warning!!!

Why Why Why did Graham have to die? He was too good looking to leave the show! lol I was reading comments from another site and people were making up all sorts of creative ways to bring him back. Although it usually makes a show's quality go down when random dead people get brought back to life, I'd make an exception just once...Oh well.

Because of the scene with the heart and other stuff I'm pretty sure the Queen knows about everything (except maybe that Emma is the "savior"). I also wonder if all the boxes in her chamber have every inhabitant of Storybrook's hearts in them and she can just kill anyone on a whim.

I think Rumpel was somehow able to make it so he would remember everything since he helped make the curse. Maybe all the stuff in the pawn shop jogged his memory. Or, maybe the Queen ended up having to tell him the truth in order to accomplish one of her schemes. I can't tell how I feel about him. I get that he's "bad" but he's also always giving people hints about the truth...

Idk what Snow White could have done to the Queen. At first I thought maybe she killed the Queen's old boyfriend or something but now I'm not so sure. In the original fairytale it has to do with Snow being so beautiful so maybe they will tie it in with that.