I hate that they discontinued Marathon Mascara and that there is nothing else like it in the world. I used it for 30+ years and I miss it terribly.

I love lip crayons.

If I want wrinkles and age spots, that my business. Quit trying to convince me to use expensive and harsh face creams/lotions/peels/etc. I don't want to do any of that. I use cheap natural cleansers and oils and am happy. And I will not stop going out in the sun.

Don't tell me I'm too old to wear anything with a bit of shimmer. Or that I'm too old to use blue eyeliner. I'm not too old for anything.
In Western PA
Found NC in 2004. CG since 2-05, going grey since 9-05. 3B with some 3A.
Hair texture-medium/fine, porosity-normal except for the ends which are porous, elasticity-normal.
Suave & VO5 cond, LA Looks Sport Gel, oils, honey, vinegar.
http://public.fotki.com/jeepcurlygurl/ password jeepy **updated August 2015**