Hi Everyone

I am the owner of Keratin 4 U and the importer of QOD products from Brazil. I was reading the posts in regards to the new formula and wanted to clarify a few things.
The QOD Gold was always labeled as Alquimist mask. The new formulas for Gold and MAX are actually selling much more than the formulas with aldehyde.
The new formula will give a more natural look to the hair. The shine and softness of the hair is great. I have been using QOD products ever since I started my business and I have used our original formulas and also our new OrganiQ and KeraPremium formulas. I prefer much more the new formulas because there's no strong fumes, and my hair feels more natural. I have wave hair with highlights and I receive compliments about my hair everyday on how shinny it is.

Any questions you might have call us at the office monday thru friday 1800 7311830.

Thank you