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It is kind of hard to explain the cut. But if a Ouidad stylist wants to trim your ends then run as that is not how the cut goes at all! They never go horizontal across the hair at the ends. Like I said in all of my years of getting the cut I have never had a bad experience. And I have gone to different salons.

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Hi Sienna!

Not sure if you are aware, but with the Ouidad cut they don't cut length- per se. You hair will not be/or appear shorter after the cut. With the carve and slice they cut select pieces internally so that your curls will form better/have more definition and lay better (you hair will not stack out from your head, but hang) no matter the length.

I have always gotten more length showing after a Ouidad cut. Also after the cut product applies better and more evenly and my hair tangles less.

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I am starting to see the differences between the 2. I am leaning toward ouidad. I will probably get it done in Feb. When I have a little more length.
That's a relief. I prefer to have length and less bulk.

I can see deva is not for me. I hope that the ouidad stylist isn't scissor happy. I don't want to have to go off on anyone.
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