I had a Brazilian Blow dry done on 5 March 2011. Apart from the fact that I lost quite a bit of hair, I was extremely happy with the product. My hair was sleek and glossy, manageable and I received loads of positive comments from people that didn't even know I had anything done.
Last week, I went for the Global Keratin treatment. Reason: I was told that it contains no chemicals and I will enjoy the same results as the Brazilian minus the hair loss. Reading the comments above, I am quite thankful that I didn't have a similar experience. However, the stylist was right about 1 thing, and 1 thing only - I experienced no hair loss. The "manageable, silky hair" was obviously a filthy lie. There is absolutely no difference or improvement in my hair. I spent $250 a week before Christmas for nothing more than a wash-blow-flat iron job. Needless to say, I am NOT impressed...

PS: It was a TRAINED professional (AND she completed the Global Keratin course) that applied the treatment at a reputable salon I have been supporting for quite a number of months without any problems or complaints.

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