I'm white and generally get approached by girls with somewhat wavy, mostly just a little frizzy hair and they ask me how I get mine to be "so wavy/curly." I'm not dissing on that kind of hair -- I love loose waves! And I get that having hair that's slightly wavy is just as challenging to deal with as other kinds. But. I just want to be like.. your hair is NOT as curly as mine. It just can't happen unless you really go out of your way to do a sock bun, or heat style, or something, haha. They ask me for some kind of miracle product and I'm like... if I could make that, do you think I'd be in college with you right now?! lol
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I know what you mean. My natural hair is 3b/c and I'm white so people are always asking me "how I got such a good perm" or how I get my hair to look like that. Well, maybe if you looked into my DNA you could find out why my hair is the way it is but products won't help! Plus I use very heavy and/or elongating products so for wavies it would actually weigh they're hair down more. I love loose waves/curls too, I just don't have them and it would take just as much effort for me to make my hair wavy as it would for a wavy to make their hair like mine. Basically, its pretty much impossible both ways.

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