Well, if you've been on 4a, then you know I've tried this stuff and it's not KCCC, nor is it UFD, it's the softest (produces a soft, frizz free look) yet most hydrating of them all. I liked the LI and the styler, but the shipping and the fact that I have stuff that works just as well wouldn't make me repurchase unless there was a real sale.
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I think that's what's so interesting about most of the products, what works on one head doesn't work as well on another. I haven't used the UFD in a long time and will have to use it again soon. I didn't have KCCC around for a long time; however, restocked it. It's the kind of product that everyone should have the opportunity to try. It's not a product I'd miss if I couldn't get it.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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