Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I have a coworker who has amazing, perfectly separated bouncy 3c curls and there isn't a day that goes by when I don't have major hair envy. Her curls have so much volume and spring to them that my limp stringy hair can't help but be jealous. Granted, type 3c-4b curls would look ridiculous on me with my features, but I think they're all fabulous hair types. For myself, 3a-3b curls would be a dream come true. Even 2b or 2c would be an improvement.

Honestly, I get the sense that my hair type is envied by a lot of women and I feel the need to spread the word that it is not at all an easy hair type to have. The common perception is that we can go wavy or straight, which means it's "versatile" and therefore a good hair type to have. But this isn't the case. It takes a monumental effort to get my hair to either lie straight or wavy, especially in winter. I'm in a no-man's-land of frizzy weakling waves that look more like messy, bent straight hair than anything else. I'd be thrilled to have it either be curlier OR straighter (but curlier would be ideal).

While I know curls are not predictable, at least curlies wake up every day knowing they will have curly hair. Straighties, too, have some level of predictability that I and many other wavies just don't have.

So all of you curlies who think no one wants or admires your hair: you are so, so wrong! I'll accept a hair transplant from any of you!