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Originally Posted by FluffyZGiggler View Post
I'm loving Cristophe Professional Leave-In Conditioning Spray. It's got a good amount of protein, no 'cones, and I can find it in the drug stores (a definite must for me, plus it's on sale at CVS right now). I spray some on before my leave-in and as a nice refresher for 2nd Day Hair.
I'll be looking for this! Thanks

Any other gel/stylers without glycerin that you nice folks can recommend?
2B waves/ fine-med texture/normal porosity( I think?) trying to figure out my protein needs

AOGPB, SS Caitlins, Garnier Body Boost Condish
CJ Daily Fix or KC Come Clean
CJ Curl Fix is true LOVE
Love all SS products
Donna Marie Miragelly & my own FSG
AG MousseGel
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