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^^^What have you tried? Doesnt Bare Minerals have a primer? Id rec Milk of Magnesia but that wouldnt work under mineral foundation.
I've tried the bare minerals primer and idk if it's the way I'm applying it but I still end up with a super shiny face after a couple of hours.
I'm sorry, I don't know what else to rec for under mineral foundations. I don't use them much. But I have oily skin myself and use the MoM under my (liquid) foundations. I stay fairly matte for hours.

Originally Posted by curlypearl View Post
What would be the best eyeliner/shadow/mascara colors to bring out my very dark hazel eyes?

Most pictures and descriptions of hazel eyes look light to me. Mine are quite dark, but they are definitely hazel, not brown. I'd love a few suggestions!

I'm a little worried about glittery shadows - might be allergic, so perhaps keep that in mind.

Thanks so much for ideas! It's great that you are willing to help all of us.
How are you defining "hazel?" More on the green side? If so, I'd try purple/plum. What about a nice metallic/shimmery (not glitter) bronze eyeliner? I think Urban Decay makes one.

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