I have a 3" TWA and I found out recently that my hair doesn't like cones.
I have thick, low porous 4a that is for some reason silky defined 3c/4a near my scalp and and 4a/4b coarse and frizzy, not defined, fro-y not near my roots.
Baggying helps me. So does a quick cowash in the morning. Make sure you seal before going to be.
But just like you, it's been 1 month since my BC too and I haven't gotten the hang of things yet
Shampoo: VO5 Kiwi Clarify Shampoo (monthly)

Deep Condition: Aubrey Organics Rose (1-2x a week)

Co-wash: Aubrey Organics Rose (2x a week)

Protein: Mega Tek (bimonthly, I'm sensative)

Leave-in/ Moisturizer: Vegetable Glycerin-Rose Water Spritz and/or conditioner (daily)

Sealant: Shea butter-coconut oil mixture (daily)

Hair type: 4a/4b?-0S, cottony, thick