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Thanks for all the help! I have been looking into the charting thing. How do you protect yourself on the days when you know you are ovulating? Just abstain or a barrier method? Also, I currently still have the shot 'in me'. It will probably last another 2 weeks. It will probably take a few months for my cycle to get back to normal so until then what should I use? Any experience with spermicide sponges or other barrier methods? I am allergic to latex and the lamb skin condoms are a no go as well.
I think there are various types of latex-free condoms, not just lambskin ones.
You are correct about the condoms. There are condoms that are latex-free and not lambskin. There is one brand they sell at regular drug stores, I can't remember the name, it's been a while since we used protection since we actually are trying for a baby.
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