Amneris, you are the reason why I am so confident about this method. My SO has doubts about it, but as soon as he comes home I will have him read your post. If this has worked for you for 7 years and you've been able to get pregnant when you want, I believe in it. I am aware that it will take time to get it right and that we have be to be strict and disciplined about it, but I would much rather make that effort than continue on the hormone stuff. Thanks a lot to everyone for all of your input. Anymore useful information is welcome. I will keep you updated on my journey.
I made it! Tailbone length stretched, WL curly

Teri Laflesh's book "Curly Like Me" sits on my desk and everytime I get frustrated and an impulse tells me to shave my head, I look at it in hopes that one day my hair will graze the top of my butt.