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Originally Posted by kathymack View Post
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Kathy...Where is the protein in the Jam and Satin Roots? Apparently it has it and it's just not a protein I know about. I don't do well with protein in my styling products and Li. I'm also wondering if the glycerin will be a problem in the winter.
How do you know it has a protein in it that you don't know?? Did you read it somewhere?? My hair LOVES protein, so it wouldn't bother me. But I, too, don't see a protein in either product.

Glycerin doesn't seem to bother me, either. Especially, if I use a moisture rich leave in. Or, I always assumed that it was the case.

I contacted the owner, Monique Fordyce, to give her the link to my review. We "chatted" a bit via email. She's planning to come out with a glycerin free version of the Coil Jam (While keeping the original, too. I was worried about a formula change of a great thing!) sometime next year.
A glycerin free option would be awesome! Good to know I dont think I have an issue with glycerin per say. At least not in how my hair reacts to it. I just try to avoid solely because it can strip color in red shades quicker. However should I love what the product does for my hair, glycerin be damned. I will just color more often. Lol! But a possible glycerin free version would be even better. Yay!

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