I have been using honey as a face wash, mask or spot treatment (mixed with cinnamon and left on a blemish over night is the bomb) for several weeks, and I am in love. I am too scared to mix in baking soda for makeup removal because it can be far too harsh, on many skin types. Been using other cleaners for that, but I am now dying to use it in my hair!! I don't know if anyone has mentioned this (I had to go back and log in, and lost track of my place in this thread) but everything I have read says: IT'S ALWAYS RECOMMENDED TO USE PURE, RAW, UNFILTERED HONEY ON YOUR BODY. Don't get the honey bear, especially if you are putting it on your face. Its not that honey bear will eat you alive, but most of the really great healing and moisturizing properties of honey are filtered out of commercial brands during the manufacturing process. You're not getting all the good you could, plus it might have other additives. I got a jar of local wild flower honey at a health food store for $6.50. I do live in an area with many bee keepers. Honey never spoils, and a jar will last a long long time. Takes less than 1/2 tsp to wash your face so a little goes a long way. It doesn't matter if you get wild flower, sour wood, etc... You might want to avoid Manuka (I'm not 100% on the spelling). It is medical grade. The best you can get for burns and infections. All honey dries and moisturizes at the same time, but it is a more drying honey. The bee's feed off tea tree. Good for excessively oily skin/acne prone skin but I would not see this being good for all types of curls.
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