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ITA with all of this! ....I DO want Jack to go away. He gets on my nerves big time and I want Jen to be with Daniel. I've been wondering about the mystery caller. I don't have a guess, yet. I want Chad and Mel to be together too, but I think it will ruin her and Abby's friendship, which makes me sad.

And can't someone please please please "off" John??
I don't think Jen deserves Daniel. I've always liked her, but she's become a whiny wimp. There was a phase where I couldn't stand any of the men on Days as they were all wimps bending to the whims of the women - and now it seems like the female characters are being written that way for the most part. Yuck.

I agree about offing John! I've said before I'm sure DH is a perfectly nice man - but I have no desire to ever see more of his acting!

Don't be silly.

Even if they off'd him...he'd come back.

They always do.
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