Hello, I have SD as well. As far as facial wash, I wash my face with Basis soap. Its a bar soap a dermatologist recommended to me years ago. You can find it @ Walmart. Also aveeno bar soap and african black soap are both good for your face. You may also want to try a brown sugar facial scrub, just rub brown sugar mixed with olive oil and a little water across you face and rinse immediately. After I wash my face, I usually rub in some tea tree and eucalyptus oil on the affected flaky areas on my face. I put a moisturizer on my face daily because my face tends to flare up really bad and feel super dry during the winter mnths. I moisturize with a fingertip of shea butter and aveeno extra dry skin lotion. I hope this helps.

Your dermatologist was right that the flakes are not from dry skin, its an over production of the sebaceous glands.
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Thanks for this information. I believe I have this condition also. I have flaking in my eyebrows, around my nose, on my forehead, and sometimes the lower parts of my face. No matter how much I scrub my eyebrows they still flake up. Do you buy the oil blend or is it something you blend yourself? I am currently using an Aveeno face scrub and Clinique toner and facial moisturizer. I will try the brown sugar scrub tomorrow morning. Which Basis soap do you use?
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