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I'm thinking of updating my makeup collection and after looking at the NYX recommends from Marah it seems to have some good colors. Their red's are popping and I need something to brighten up my skin tone.

I wish I was more daring.
Just an FYI, be careful with their powdered products. I find them to break quite easily (I have experienced this with thier eyeshadows and blushes - the single ones). And once they break, they continue to do so. I have a dark navy single shadow that I dropped from my makeup bag to my carpet (about 18 in), it broke a little corner off so I put it securely in the bag, sitting flat. It is powder, after two more days. Even at $5 per, I would like for them to be more hardy. I do love their colors, but I am putting them on pause because this has happened several times lately for me.
i so agree sagehen @nyx powder products

i use all sorts of products but nothing, absolutely nothing touches mac's lipstick. every other product i've tried sux!!!!
Oh yeah NYX e/s make me mad, granted they are very pigmented but damn can you take a hit.... But their lipstick and glosses are nice, Doll pink gloss is one of my faves.
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