Actually...I *think* this post is from that girl who started the thread asking for hair products.

So...I'll take it with a grain of salt.
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That was the girl who posted this in every section on the board. I cannot say I miss her even though I usually lurk.

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Thank you so much for posting this link! I'm halfway through but have l'dmao many times already. On Keeny's post now and I queefed at the amish churning butter for aloe vera gel. Oh my daiz!!
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GREAT! So I'm walking down the stairs in a dark hallway and read this post ,creepishly laughing to myself. You know the laugh, when you're trying not to laugh but it comes out sounding like you're nuts. I put the phone in my pocket so I can control myself and now I have no alibi as to why I looked crazy. If I dared tried to say "but it was Jo" id be sitting in a padded room right now . Life is unfair...

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