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Originally Posted by ninja dog View Post
How does one get eyeshadow put under the eye to stay put?
start with primer, wait for it to dry completely. use a narrow angled brush to apply.

i find it better to use a pencil and then go over with shadow, but i tend to wear the same 2 colours (MAC Teddy or Prunella) with just about everything.

Tru - you DID have a good day! i'm jealous!

and i did good with the makeup *again* today - because the MAC salesperson complimented me!

i'm wearing the pro pigment that's a lavender/lilac shade (lost the label years ago) with CoCoBeach pigment in the crease, no liner, but lots of mascara. then i wore Entwined lipstick with VG6 LE lipglass (the pink one with Fergie as spokesperson). and Stero Rose as blush because i have a cold and needed the colour in my cheeks!
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