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Originally Posted by foreverturtles View Post
well my brother is/was the baddest kid on the planet. talking' bad as hell.
never got a spanking. is a captain in the army. Turned out perfectly fine. but if he did something out of line and my dad got mad or dissapointed, he'd probably cry.

and thats the thing, if i disappointed my father I would be very very sad.
it is definitely different strokes for different folks. I had an aunt where she never laid a hand on nobody, but she had the whole family shook--even adults. And when she said she was disappointed in you, you wanted to crawl under a rock. She has since passed away, but I like to think that I took her crown for that disposition

I just feel that some anti-spanking people want to prove that you can handle every child without doing so, and you are a horrible person if you consider it.Where as the people who talk about spanking here are acknowledging that spanking is not the only way to deal with children.
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