Yes it is. The cone it contains is prefaced with PPG or PEG, so they are water soluble and CG. I am all the way CG. The Tame Your Curls is the only one of their mousses that is CG as far as I know, so make sure you get that one. Regular cones build up BAD in my hair, even the a-cone, so everything I use is CG.
-3a/3b, fine, very thick, normal por., normal elast., long, dye- free (CG since Nov. '11)
-CO: every other night (air dry) Suave Nat. (usually strawberry)
-Low poo (As needed): Giovanni 50/50
-RO: GVP CB (experimenting with GVP The Detangler)
-LI: Giovanni DLI or a tiny bit of my co-wash or RO (sometimes none)
-Styling: BYZ Noodle Head Tame your Curls Mousse
-PT: ION Effective Care