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Default Cutting locs off???

Hi guys. I've been growing my locs for almost 12 years now. I started with a teeny tiny fro. 12 years later my locs are to my waist. I debate on cutting them off every now and then. This is one of those times where I really think im ready. Have any of you grown locs for years and then cut them off and regret it or love it. I get kind of an anxiety attack when i think about cutting them off. On the other hand, I am craving the change. Over the years I have colored them, bleached them, curled them...everything and anything. Now I feel like they are worn 90% of the time in a ponytail. A heavy ponytail at that. As a man I dont feel comfortable doing the fun updos that I see on women with locs. Someone tell me their story of cutting them off and how it felt afterwards... RR
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