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I started mine 12 years ago with just twisting my tiny fro into hundered of coils. I wrapped them at night to sleep every night. I cleansed my scalp once a week but would put on a stocking cap before cleansing over the cap to not unravel the baby locs. Once a week I would also use sea breeze on a cotton swab to cleanse the scalp area followed by moisturizing my scalp. After about 6 mos of this they were locing. I only have used Organic root stimulator loc and twist gel on my locs over the years. I LOVES IT!!! To determine the size of the coils in the beginning I just twisted sections and held them tight to see how fat the twist would be once it settled. Once I liked the size i never un-did them. I highly recommend when you re-twist in the beginning to use a lot of roller clips to hold the new twist down at the base until they dry. Then remove clips and shake. Hope this helps...RR
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