I used to love as a child scrambled eggs and maple syrup
Ranch dressing with anything is always a plus( fries, sandwich, pizza, fried mushrooms, chicken wings, salad, chicken salad, even by itself) yumm
Ketchup mixed with mayo is the ish! My best friend introduced it to me as a child as "KetchoNaise" I think she was on to something.
As a child I liked to mix cookies with my ice cream then drink it as a shake. yum yum
Toast dipped in tea is so good.esp Lipton tea. Or even oatmeal cookies dipped in tea.
What's weird about hot sauce in ramen noodles? Mmm MMm Mmm Delish
Pretzel M &Ms...an entire bag of them. I had to put myself on a no buy from them one month. too addictive.
Relish makes any food better. And Ketchup.
When I have a craving, I try to appease. Latest craving? Those flaming hot corn puffs. *faints*