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Default wrinkles, age spots, acne

I am 40 and beginning to get fine lines. I also have freckles which are beginning to turn into splotches that are age spots. I also have acne. Unfortunately, I don't like high-maintenance routines. I tried Meaningful Beauty but there's a cleanser, a deep cleanser, a day lotion, a night cream, a neck cream, an eye cream and little capsules and a glowing serum. I don't want all that to deal with! Plus I HAVE to use an anti-acne toner. I would have loved to just buy the day lotion with sunscreen, but that seems to be impossible so here's my current solution for products:

Meaningful Beauty Cleanser (will use up and then find something else)

Neutragena Rapid Clear 2n1 Toner (which I love)

ROC Multi Correxion Daily Moisturizer spf 30 which I loathe because my skin feels greasy and underneath the gunk is dry and rough skin with a wonky texture that I can see looks rough. It's like my skin does not absorb the moisturizer in it and my skin is left dry with a weird greasy coating. I will not repurchase this and will probably trash it. Meaningful Beauty day lotion made my skin looks poreless and feel silky!

Olay Definity restorative sleep cream which I just started using this week and I love it. My skin looks smooth and feels wonderful. There is some burning when I wash it off in the morning and then apply the toner, but it's dimenishing with repetition.

I am thinking of switching to an Olay day cream with sunscreen and probably one of their cleansers as well.

What do you use? What do you like and dislike and why?

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