Until this last month or so I didn't realize there was anything at Sally's that I could use while maintaining my CG routine (since August). However, they have such good deals I can't keep away, and I've dug up a few products that are working really well for me. I don't know if they are all "CG" acceptable, but I know enough about ingredients to try to avoid sulfates and silicones and drying alcohols.

Some of Sally's products have become favorites - real hits with me!
1. GVP Conditioning Balm
2. Cure Care Hair and Skin Conditioner
3. Queen Helene Mint Julep concentrated sulfate-free shampoo
4. Biotera Curl Creme
5. Biotera Leave-in Conditioner for dry hair
6. Ion Curl Shaping Creme
7. Ion Effective Care Treatment
8. Ion Moisturizing Treatment
9. Beyond the Zone Zoodle Head Curl Boosting Spray
3b/c, Coarse, Low Porosity, Desert Climate
CG since August 2011/Occasionally Modified since 2013
Favorites: Wen Cleansing Conditioner/Coconut Lime Verbena and Spring Orange Blossom, Pure Argan Oil, Pure Coconut Oil,
KCKT, KC Come Clean, Desert Essence Soft Curls Coconut Hair Cream, Eco Natural Curling Cocktail, Desert Essence Hair Defrizzer and Heat Protector

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