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I have lived most of my life with short (buzzcut) hair. As I approach my inevitable mid-life crisis, I thought it would be fun to have longer hair. It has been about 14 months and I now realize (after reading here) that I have made several mistakes, including haircuts, shampoo every day, aggressive towel drying, and unhealthy products.

I am not fond of the wet hair look, but I also don’t like how my hair can frizz. My guess is that Heath Ledger has similar hair – and I have seen good pictures of him with short and longer hair.

I have a couple of questions:
1) What is my hair type (I was thinking wavy 2b)?
2) What style do you think would look best (shorter or shoulder length)?
3) Is CO washing a good start to figure out how to care for my hair?

Thanks for reading and any feedback – I do not know anybody that can help me (the wife has straight hair, and after reading here *I* have given her tips on how to change her hair care).

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