I've never left a salon with great or even decent looking curls. They have only been successful blowdrying it straight. If they attempt to use a diffuser it would just look and feel horrible. The last cut I had was by a lady "who specialized in curly hair". She played with my hair so much while she was diffusing that it looked like she took a brush to it after it was dry. I came home and hopped right into the shower LOL
Location For Dew Points: Michigan
3a ~ Fine ~ High Porosity ~ Low Density

NoPoo: JC Cleansing Cream
Clarifier: CHS Treatment Shampoo
Rinse Out: CJ Argan, CJ Rehab
Detangler: KCKT
Leave-in: CJ Beauticurls, CJ Argan, CJ Rehab
Protein: SSPRT, CJ Repair Me
DT: CJ Rehab, Coconut Oil Pre-Poos
Stylers: UFDCM, BRHG

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