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Originally Posted by jlpmom23 View Post
I recently rediscovered and just LOVE GVP Paul Mitchell Styling Foam (the conditioning one, NOT the extra body one). I used this a few years ago when I first went curly and just stopped I think because I started being a product junkie. Picked some up last week and it's awesome, my hair loves it, and it has the greatest coconut smell.

Other loves:

GVP Conditioning Balm (I buy these three at a time!)
Argan One N Only Hairspray (my total HG hairspray)
ION Effective Care Moisture and Protein
ION Hard Water Shampoo (a godsend if you are cursed w/ hard water)
Bobby Pins (the ones that come in the little metal box)
China Glaze Nail Polish
Sally Girl eyeshadows
Seche Vite topcoat
Queen Helen Mint Julep face mask
Hemp Sunless Tanning lotion (for summer, best sunless tanner EVER!)
Mebco detangling comb
Awesome shower cap, brand name "Betty Dain"
Biotera Gel and Curl Cream
Noodle Head Curl Cream

I could probably keep going, I am a big fan of Sally's!! Have fun shopping!
Okay, I have to go to Sally's and this thread caught my eye. I am addicted to the Hard Water shampoo (and I just used up the last bit this morning). I have tried to replace it with many other things. Nothing works as well. I found L'anza sulfate free chelating shampoo, its good, but is $24 bucks a bottle. Serious. And leaves my hair in exactly the same condition that the Ion does. SoooOooo not sure its worth it.

Thanks for your list, because I, like pedaheh, am now going to check out several things on your list! I need to see if the biotera curl gel has glycerin.

I second the recommendation of the Mebco comb as well.

I'm gonna try the Paul Mitchell Foam you suggested, and someone else suggested the Ion Alcohol free hairspray.
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