Hello Everyone. I know I am a little late but I too would like to join. I have already begun something similar back in november on a forum that has a collective goal of waist length hair. I am almost to that length, so I wanted to join another forum that allows me to take it a step further:

Current hair length
~mid back/waist
~Length goal month~ June
~Current Regimen and styling choices~

1 1/2 weeks wash with
Nexxus Promend shampoo and conditioner,
leave in promend cream
90% comb
continued no applied heat
apply oil mix when needed
protective bun style


centrium multi vitamin tablet
1000mcg biotin
4000mg MSM
200mg vitamin-C

~What do you plan on changing (if anything) to make it to your goal?


Here is my beginning picture,

and here is my hair up until january

And I usually do not apply heat to my hair, In fact it has been 2 years since I last applied heat to my hair. But I recently had my hair lightly flat ironed:

I hope to be able to help everyone in their journey!