Don't give up on trying products. Experiment during your off days.
It takes time to find good products or the right products.
Some things work for one curly and not for another.
I like Devacurl no poo but can't use their styling products.
And the Devacurl for red hair doesn't work the same as the regular Devacurl. Don't ask me why but I have the red no poo and condition one right now and I don't think they work the same.
I loved Finesse products for 99 percent of my curly life.
But when I come and linger around the hair discussion board I get the urge to try everything.
The only gel I ever had luck with is The Garnier Spray Gel.
It is a challenge but so worth it when you find things that work.
I spent a childhood struggling with this head of hair and did the straightening thing with a damaging iron called a "Curl Tamer." Thank God for the 80's and the explosion of styling products.
Today when I wear it straight it only gets washed when I go back to curly.
Good protective products and the best chi iron